How MarTech Companies Market Themselves

What we learned from our conversations with the ultimate SaaS marketers

Conclusion: follow MarTech to see the future of marketing

Many of the marketing techniques that MarTech companies use are also used by other segments in the SaaS industry. For instance, blogging is essential for most SaaS companies, including those in MarTech. And the trend toward higher quality content is certainly prevalent across many sectors. 

Yet MarTech companies seem to be pushing forward the edge, embracing more quickly the different ways to connect with their audiences. Perhaps marketing leaders in MarTech companies live on a different plane — they develop an informed mindset that comes from constantly observing how the tools their companies create impact not only their own marketing but that of all the other marketers using them. 

Whatever the reason, we believe that studying the marketing techniques used by MarTech companies can benefit any modern B2B company. Rest assured that we will continue to report on our findings as we speak to more leaders and peel back more layers.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to all the knowledgeable folks who have taken the time to speak with us over the last few months, and we invite you to connect if you’d like to be part of our ongoing series.

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