How MarTech Companies Market Themselves

What we learned from our conversations with the ultimate SaaS marketers

When people think of MarTech, they think of the stack of tools they use to manage their customer database, their newsletter, their blog, and so on. But behind each of those tools is a company that must market itself, too. 

In early 2021, I began reaching out to people who were leading the marketing departments of MarTech companies around the world. I was keen to learn more about this unique segment within the SaaS industry for two reasons: 1) many of the clients that we were attracting at my content agency fell within this category, and 2) it also became clear that MarTech leaders hold a unique, multifaceted, and current understanding of what is working in the marketing world. I believed their perspectives were worth exploring more.

Little did we know that the information we were gathering would strike such a resonant chord. Our interviews have turned into an ongoing MarTech Insights series. The leaders we speak to generously share their experiences and perspectives. They underscore trends, challenges, and successes that many others in MarTech and across the broader SaaS industry identify with. 

As we publish this report, I have now interviewed 49 CMOs, marketing VPs, and startup founders at MarTech companies. Here we compile highlights from the first 25 interviews. We hope that the findings will provide inspiration as they shed light on how your peers in MarTech are dealing with the marketing challenges they face.

Nicolas Jacobeus

Founder and CEO of content agency SaaSpirin and tech startup development firm Belighted

In this report

What marketing teams look like at MarTech companies today

  • Marketing and sales teams are converging
  • Marketing KPIs are simpler—but more targeted
  • Some MarTech companies are embracing unconventional structures 
  • Martech marketing teams are blending in-house and outsourced talent

The channels that MarTech companies rely on

  • How you provide content must match how your audience wants to consume it
  • Inbound marketing strategies are eclipsing outbound efforts
  • The product-led growth approach works for MarTech companies
  • The role of email continues to evolve
  • MarTech companies are building communities around their brands
  • LinkedIn is the platform of choice

How MarTech companies do content today

  • Thoughtful content strategies take precedence over production
  • MarTech content homes in on pain points
  • Brand awareness is a critical target
  • MarTech marketers are using clever methods to plan their content calendars
  • The key to SEO is context

Conclusion: Looking ahead

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