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How our content helps clients grow.

Our content helps SaaS companies at different stages and across different verticals. Sometimes the goals we pursue together are focused on the top of the funnel, like building a presence in organic search. Other times, we help clients answer questions or objections that come up during the sales process. In every case, we’re creating an asset that grows in value for you.

Acquiring customers via SEO

ManyRequests was a new micro SaaS company when we began working together. We created foundational content to help the company gain visibility and build on its founder’s reputation in the productized services market. We saw excellent reception on the company’s social media channels, and the client started getting new customer signups from search after only a month and a half. This piece shows our thoughtful approach, which will continue to serve the company via search for years to come: What is a Productized Service?

“Happy customer here as well. Thanks for your great work! We love the articles, and we got our first trials from Google search last week after just 1.5 months of publishing content.” - Robin Vander Heyden, ManyRequests

Overcoming objections with data-backed content

Hungary-based software house Very Creatives competes on the global stage to bring in new customers. The founders knew that content could help build relationships with and educate customers. Working together, we’ve published weekly blog posts as well as a white paper and other materials. One authoritative report was designed to help them overcome potential objections and show why it makes sense to outsource app development to Hungary. The longform blog post draws on data from reputable studies to compare alternatives: Outsourcing Tech to Hungary 2021 — State of the IT Industry.

“Thank you for the article, it's very high quality! Can't wait to publish it finally. I love the data that backs the facts. We really appreciate the extra effort you've put into this and made a longer article.” - Feri Fekete, VeryCreatives

Building backlinks to elevate search results

Great content attracts backlinks from authoritative sites, which can positively impact performance for your entire site. Blog posts we wrote for email automation software have earned the company multiple mentions in an influential industry blog. In fact, this blog post What's the Best Email Length for Sales Outreach? has acquired 87 backlinks and is ranking for 40 keywords, including page one of Google for “ideal email length”.

This strong search presence will help the company continue to earn links organically and grow its reputation.

Competing in a complex industry niche

Many industries we write for require specialized knowledge. Our systems help accelerate learning for our whole team, so we can produce authoritative content for these industries. For instance, learning management system Dokeos wanted to target the pharmaceutical industry with its content. Our team researched and selected meaningful topics and dug up authoritative sources. Then we wrote a series of blog posts positioning the client as an authority in the target industry. The posts have captured over 25 keywords so far.

Check out a sample blog post from the campaign: Pharma Sales Reps Move to Digital Tools, LMS Plays Critical Role.

Building exposure via organic search

Publishing to your blog consistently can build authority for your brand. When that content is optimized for search, it also brings the benefit of greater exposure in your industry. Although ecommerce listing software AccelerList has had a blog for some time, content we created for them quickly jumped to rank among their top 10 posts.

To illustrate, this piece Selling on Amazon vs. eBay: Which is Better for Your Business? is ranking for 64 keywords with the potential to bring in traffic volume of nearly 9k/month.

Using content across multiple channels

Brax helps marketers optimize their campaigns on native advertising platforms such as Taboola and Outbrain. Our team got up to speed on the industry quickly, planning, creating, and publishing content for the company. This blog post illustrates our approach, and it ranks for 22 keywords: The Best Landing Pages for Native Ads All Have These 6 Components.

The company gets even more value from our work together by regularly using the blog content we publish for them on social media and in email nurturing campaigns.

Creating content clusters around big concepts

Content clusters are helpful to both convey your knowledge and make headway in SEO for big concepts. The topic of knowledge management is central for knowledge management platform Elium. To help Elium build a reputation as an authority on the subject, we proposed a topic cluster that would begin with an overview of the three types of knowledge and then drill down deeper into each. This framework is optimized for their target readers as well as search engines. So far, we’ve captured 54 keywords, including potential featured snippet questions. Check out The 3 Types Of Knowledge You Need To Capture to see how this strategy plays out in the context of their product.

“I'm very satisfied with the content you provide. It's clear and easy to read and I like the attention of the description for SEO.” - Alexandre Caulier, Elium

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