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We work with companies looking for results on a budget – and we deliver, often doubling traffic within 6 months. Our clients operate around the world and across different verticals and stages, from pre-launch startups to funded SaaS companies and established industry leaders. 

French bootstrapped DevTech startup hits 9x traffic in 9 months

  • From 2.4 to 20.5k users/month in less than a year.
  • Pageviews reached 22.6k/month and climbing.
  • Multiple #1 rankings for important keywords.
  • 2,118 keywords and 164 backlinks from only 43 articles.
Analytics chart showing French bootstrapped DevTech startup hits 9x traffic in 9 months

Case study

9x Traffic in 9 Months: How We Helped Mergify Hit Hockey Stick Growth

The content

We tackled technical content to drive blog traffic for SaaS company Mergify.

Our blog slowly but surely ranked up in SEO and we started to become #1 position on various keywords we cared about. This helped us build our brand over the course of several months.

Julien Danjou - co-founder of Mergify

Belgian EdTech SaaS gets 50% more leads in a complex industry

  • Increased website conversions by 25% after publishing just one article
  • Ranked for more than 62 competitive keywords after publishing the first cluster of articles
  • Ranked number 1 on Google for several keywords
  • Built backlinks to authority pages like Wikipedia and EduTech Wiki
Analytics chart showing French bootstrapped DevTech startup hits 9x traffic in 9 months

Case study

How SEO and content marketing helped the Dokeos LMS grow in the pharma and dental industries

The content

Our team of writers created these content pieces that spoke to advanced readers at a high level and, ultimately, brought in conversions:

We are always impressed by the quality of the content and how fast you can deliver. It’s rare to find a company, an agency, that is both well organized in terms of SEO and with people able to learn about the specific issues of our prospects.

Julien Paquet - Dokeos

Hungarian software house grows users 300% YoY

  • Kickstarted the blog from 10 to 646 keywords and 0 to 110 backlinks.
  • Grew website users from 634 to 2,520/month YoY.
  • 3,247 pageviews/month and increasing fast.
  • #1 rankings and featured snippet for high-value keywords.
  • Multiple authoritative backlinks to blog content (DA 50+).

The content

Our team built powerful results for VeryCreatives with blog articles like these.

Our new blog has increased search & referral traffic towards our website significantly. We were able to attract way more visitors and could use the content to showcase our expertise to new clients, either pre-sales or in the sales process before closing.

Feri Fekete - co-founder of VeryCreatives

Funded American MarTech company triples blog traffic in 1.5 years

  • Grew blog users from 758 to 2,380/month.
  • Increased blog visitors from approx 4% of the site’s total traffic to 24%.
  • Secured 1,441 keywords and 251 backlinks directly to our content.

The content

Our content simplifies complex topics to gain an edge in the SERPs for Lytics.

California AdTech company grows traffic by 125% in 6 months

  • More than doubled blog traffic within 6 months.
  • Traffic grew from 1,200 sessions to 2,700 sessions.
  • Content brought in new customers from multiple channels.

The content

We managed overall research and content conceptualization, editing, writing, and uploading for articles like these.

Easy to work with, great results, consistently delivered quality content!

Joe Speiser - founder of Brax

Micro SaaS based in Asia gets new customers from search after only 1.5 months

  • Jumpstarted blog content for new B2B micro SaaS company targeting people who offer productized services.
  • Started getting new customer signups from search after only a month and a half.
  • Excellent reception on social media channels.

The content

Happy customer here as well. Thanks for your great work! We love the articles, and we got our first trials from Google search last week after just 1.5 months of publishing content.

Robin Vander Heyden - founder of ManyRequests

Belgian SaaS blog gains 130+ high DA links to one article, with zero outreach

  • 130 links, 60% of linking domains 40+ DA rating.
  • Branded mentions in influential industry blogs.
  • Article ranks in top 5 of all of the client's blog posts.

The content

We analyzed industry data to create a definitive answer for a tough question, gaining many authoritative links.

Ask us about other industries we’ve worked in

  • Ad optimization
  • Automation
  • Blockchain
  • Business analysis
  • Client management portal
  • Music video software
  • Online security app
  • Construction management
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Email providers
  • ERP software
  • Fintech
  • Presentation tools
  • Sales automation
  • HR & recruitment
  • Knowledge management
  • LMS
  • Marketplace listings tool
  • Medical/pharma teams
  • Software development
  • Website feedback tool

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