Want a More Effective Blog? You Need a Brand Persona

Too many brands treat their blog like an impersonal publication where they’re simply sharing information with a general audience.

If you want your blog to help you achieve your business goals, it’s critical that you approach blogging strategically. And one of the most important strategies you can use is an intentional brand persona that’s reflected in every blog post.

What is a brand persona?

The term “brand persona” encompasses the human traits and characteristics that can be connected to a brand name. A brand’s persona, for instance, can be described as:

  • Quirky
  • Humorous
  • Formal
  • Sophisticated
  • Youthful

In essence, a brand persona is how your customers see you. It’s how your audience perceives your brand at every touchpoint—including your blog.

Your brand already has a persona. But intentionally crafting the right persona can bring some great benefits to your business and your blog.

How the right brand persona can make your blog more effective

An effective brand persona can improve your blog in four big ways.

Builds trust

One of the most important benefits your brand persona should bring to your blog is a human touch.

Instead of readers just relating to your blog as a publication, you want them to view the content more as though it’s coming from a trusted friend giving them advice. This aspect of humanization is important, as customers have become immune to brand speak. They are looking for a friendly voice they can trust.

That’s why having a human touch is essential for every brand.

And having a brand persona will help you achieve that. It will help you relate on a more personal level with your audience. That, in turn, will help you earn your audience’s trust. And trust is essential to achieving your blog goals.

Creates uniqueness

The number of blogs on the internet is estimated to be around 600 million.

A unique brand persona is essential to growing a loyal tribe of followers. And to be unique, you need to really do your homework and find a way to differentiate your blog from others.

Makes your brand relatable

The right brand persona can help make your blog more effective by creating a connection on an emotional level with your audience.

When people have to choose between two brands with similar products or services, the critical determinant is brand personality. All things being equal, they’ll probably choose the brand they can relate to—the one with the persona they can align themselves with.

Done well, the personality your blog projects is one your audience can easily connect with emotionally.

Drives engagement

One of the main reasons your SaaS brand needs a blog is to encourage your target audience to interact with your business.

But people don’t just interact with any blog. They engage with blogs that they can identify with.

A brand persona helps drive engagement, as your blog won’t just be words on a page. Your brand personality brings your blog to life, making your readers feel like they’re interacting with a person.

How to get started with creating a brand persona

Here’s a simple framework to help you get started creating a brand persona for your SaaS blog.

1. The first step is to understand your ideal customer.

2. Then look for some common characteristics. These can include:

  • Goals and aspirations
  • Fears
  • Motivations
  • Age range

3. Be sure you understand your organization's core values.

4. Next, use the above data as a foundation to create a personality that your audience can relate to.

Based on the above, you may position your SaaS brand as “fun”, “authoritative”, “safe”, or “ethical”, for example.

The brand persona you create then becomes a foundational part of every blog post you produce.

Give your blog some personality

With fierce competition in the blogosphere, you have to pull out all the stops to ensure that yours succeeds. And one of the most crucial elements to get right is your brand persona.

Your brand persona should be at the heart of every blog post—and whoever creates your content needs to understand that. To learn more about outsourcing your content creation to an agency that can deliver blog content with personality, get in touch with SaaSpirin.