8 Ways You Can Use the Content We Create For You (Before SEO Kicks In)

8 Ways You Can Use the Content We Create For You (Before SEO Kicks In)

Ask any content marketer, and they’ll tell you the secret to marketing is excellent content.

And they’re right.

Well, half right, at least.

That’s because, for any piece of content to start bringing in organic traffic, it takes time for it to be indexed and rank in search engine results.

Yet, there’s so much more you can do with a piece of content before search engine optimization (SEO) kicks in.

At SaaSpirin, we understand that very well. That’s why we create high-quality content that you can easily repurpose for use on many platforms and in different ways. You don’t have to pin all your hopes on SEO.

Here are eight ways you can profit from the content SaaSpirin creates for you as you wait for your content to rank in the search engines.

1. Build authority to support sales

One of the most important goals of your content should be to support sales.

How can it do that? By showcasing your authority when people visit your site.

The B2B SaaS purchase cycle usually involves several people. They’re going to look at your pricing page, reviews by customers, and your about page, among others. Your blog plays a role, too.

Prospects want to confirm that you know your stuff before they sign up. When they browse through your blog, they can see that: 1) you have important things to say about the topics they care about; and 2) you’ve taken the initiative to invest in sharing this knowledge.

Anyone can build a slick website. But consistently publishing valuable content? That takes grit and commitment. The net effect bolsters confidence in your business with greater trust. And that can make all the difference when a prospect has to choose between you and your competitor.

This benefit highlights the importance of choosing topics with your customers in mind. In addition, Google’s quality standards help you produce content that builds authority in the eyes of your customers as well as search engines.

To build the authority that supports your sales cycle and SEO, be sure your content addresses things that people care about, leans on factual accuracy and your expertise, and links to high-quality sources to support your arguments.

2. Reach out to prospects

Are you in discussions with a prospect who seems like they’d be a good fit for your business? Use your latest blog post to answer some of their questions.

Sharing your latest post with your prospects is a great way to keep them engaged. It’s also an excellent way to gently nudge them down your sales funnel.

Reaching out with a new piece of content can also help you start up a conversation that stalled, too. You can even automate distribution of your content to people who subscribe to your blog.

3. Share links to your content in automated email campaigns

If you have an email list (as you should), you can include links to your latest content in your email campaigns. The new piece of content provides value to your subscribers and an efficient way to remind prospects that you exist. Best of all, with each article they read, they will get to know you better.

Got an article that people are clicking to read more than others? You may want to put some money behind it to get it in front of even more people (and grow your subscriber list, too).

4. Promote your content using paid campaigns

Why wait for SEO to kick in when you can immediately get your content in front of a big audience?

Consider using paid traffic to bolster your content’s impact in the short term. You can use paid promotion strategies on:

  • Social media. Boost your latest post on your best social media channels.
  • Content syndication platforms. Platforms like Viral Content Bee and Quuu Promote (among others) are great for content distribution.
  • Search engines. You can also pay for your latest post to be featured on SERPs.

Paid channels may mean dipping into your marketing budget, but at the end of the day, it will get your content in front of people while you wait for organic traffic to build.

And the more people you get your content in front of, the more opportunity you have to build your email subscriber list.

5. Grow relationships with your audience

As you bring more people to your blog, you need to capitalize on that traffic to build relationships with them.


By optimizing the “Subscribe to blog” function. Having a clear “subscribe” CTA will help you grow your relationships with visitors passively by allowing them to subscribe to your content. And as you grow your subscribers, you increase potential for sales as well as opportunities for those subscribers to share your content with their own networks, link to it, and so on.

In essence, your content gives you a vehicle to build awareness of and relationships with your brand.

6. Grow your social media presence

Content plays a significant role in social media marketing. Sharing your latest blog post could help you attract the right audience for your business.

More followers on channels like LinkedIn and Twitter can help lead to more email subscribers, and subsequently more sales.

Encourage your blog readers to share your content on their social media channels, too. This will exponentially increase your reach.

7. Drive brand awareness by reposting content on other platforms

Another creative way to use your freshly published blog post is by sharing it on forums like Reddit, Medium, and Quora. These popular forums are great for driving brand awareness, as they already have an audience interested in your topic and solution.

These platforms also have massive readerships. For example, Reddit has over 1.5 billion monthly visitors, Medium’s readership is approximately 213 million, and Quora has over 300 million.

While success on Reddit and Quora is not so simple as sharing a link to your blog, there’s a big opportunity to get your brand noticed by the right audience. Your content can help you provide thoughtful answers to posted questions.

Reposting your content on LinkedIn and Medium also helps you extend reach in the short term while you build organic traffic to your blog.

8. Attract top talent

Few people may realize this, but great content can help you attract high-quality talent. And for a SaaS startup (or any organization for that matter), access to the right talent is a big deal.

Executed well, your content helps others understand your organization’s mission, the thinking behind your point of view, and what it feels like to work there. Your blog can help your brand become a place that people dream of working. Just like your sales prospects, your potential hires will also be checking out your blog.

The value of content goes beyond SEO

As you can see, great content provides more value than just SEO. There’s a lot you can do with your content asset before you start reaping the rewards of good SEO. Of course, to reap those rewards, your content has to be exceptional.

That’s where we come in. We specialize in creating informative and engaging content for SaaS brands—content that starts working even before the Google gods do their thing.

If that’s the kind of content you’re looking for, then get in touch today.

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