Social media & newsletter coordinator

We want your help to set up and run a newsletter as well as manage and grow our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.


We are a young, growing content marketing agency looking for a social media and newsletter coordinator to help us grow our brand. Our clients are small-to-mid-sized B2B SaaS and technology companies.

We want your help to set up and run a newsletter as well as manage and grow our social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The position is fully remote, freelance, requiring <5 hours a week ongoing, with the potential to grow.

Who we’re looking for

You have a knack for community building! Ideally you have experience starting and growing a newsletter and social media presence for a B2B tech company. You’re attentive to detail and have a broad understanding of content marketing, including SEO, so you can identify with our audience’s pain points.

You’re proficient in common tools like Buffer, Canva, and HubSpot and able to prepare social media posts and newsletter content independently.

Social media tasks

  1. Create weekly schedules for our social media accounts, based on past performance, our priorities, and content available.
  2. Create social media posts, including text and images when not provided.
  3. Schedule posts in Buffer with appropriate links and images.
  4. Tag accounts (manually for LinkedIn) and research hashtags to increase engagement.
  5. Monitor and grow social media channels by responding to comments, liking other posts, sharing third party content, and following others in our target industry, etc.
  6. Report on performance so the team knows which material is resonating with our target audience.

Monthly newsletter tasks

  1. Set up a newsletter template in HubSpot or similar tool.
  2. Add content to template for sending every month.
  3. Report on performance and make recommendations to grow our list.

What it’s like to work with us

We are a young company but our founding team is highly experienced in content marketing and running and growing agencies. We want to provide an enjoyable, profitable experience for our team and our clients.

  • We are highly focused on building efficient, repeatable processes, and we'd love you to help us do this.
  • Most of our communication is asynchronous and we all work remotely.
  • We deal with founders and c-suite at startups and SaaS companies that do not yet have sophisticated marketing teams, so you have a great chance to add value.

Please make sure that the following works for you

  • We pay monthly via PayPal.

To apply, please fill out this form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Social media & newsletter coordinator
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