How To Grow Your SaaS Traffic 5-15x On Autopilot

Done-for-you blogging team for SaaS, from content strategy to publishing.

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How we do it

You review materials for just a few minutes each week, and we do the rest!

Research topic ideas based on keywords.

Write and edit your content.

Publish to your blog (optional).

A clear process that saves you time

Long meetings? Nope. Meaningless reports? Not here. We work async and focus on tasks that will move the needle for you.

You tell us about your content goals

Strategist creates a plan, recommends impactful blog topics
Coordinator sets up content calendar, keeps it on track
Talented writers bring experience in B2B SaaS
Professional editor reviews and guides every piece
After your thumbs up, we publish to your blog (optional)

Our clients 5-15x their organic traffic in the first 9 months

Optimized content that solves pain points

We help you break through the noise with optimized content and stories that address pain points.

Be found by people who are searching for what you offer.

Generate leads for your sales team.

Convert users with the right info at the right time.

I liked that there was no risk in giving it a try, and that it came no-strings attached. The quality of the work, the interactions with the team and the methodology made working with SaaSpirin a winning proposition.

Alexandre Caulier - Elium

An expert content team that knows SaaS

It’s easy to outsource your cont. The hard part is finding the right partner.

SaaSpirin was created by the founder of a successful SaaS software development agency. He wanted to provide an affordable way for growing SaaS companies to tap into content marketing.

Happy customer here. Thanks for your great work! We got our first trial signups from Google search last week after just 1.5 months of publishing content.

Robin Vander Heyden - ManyRequests

Specialized content skills

Our team lets you tap into specialized skills that would be too expensive to recruit on your own:

On-the-ground experience growing traffic through SEO.

Experience managing content at top SaaS content marketing agencies.

Client-side experience leading marketing for B2B companies.

Expert writers who are knowledgeable of your industry.

I'm impressed with the research you guys did already, so that's a good start. Let’s move to 4 articles a month.

Joe Speiser - Brax

We’re helping companies like yours right now

We work with clients in tech industries like MarTech, EdTech, HRTech, FinTech, InsurTech, software development, process automation, and infrastructure around the world.

We’re helping companies like yours use content to...

Grow new signups

Overcome objections

Build backlinks

Compete in a niche

Connect across different channels

You killed it with the topics, great job! All are approved.

Kevin Conti - Software Ideas

Our plans

blog posts


Try us now

Team of strategist, writer, editor & coordinator

Well-researched 800-word blog articles

Topic pitches with specs like audience & objective

Proven lead-gen & SEO techniques

Keyword research

Optimized links

Content calendar

Editing and revisions

Satisfaction guarantee

blog posts


Try us now

Team of strategist, writer, editor & coordinator

Well-researched 800-word blog articles

Topic pitches with specs like audience & objective

Proven lead-gen & SEO techniques

Keyword research

Optimized links

Content calendar

Editing and revisions

Satisfaction guarantee


blog posts


Try us now

Team of strategist, writer, editor & coordinator

Well-researched 800-word blog articles

Topic pitches with specs like audience & objective

Proven lead-gen & SEO techniques

Keyword research

Optimized links

Content calendar

Editing and revisions

Satisfaction guarantee

There’s never any commitment — you can change or cancel your plan anytime.
In the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied, we will refund your first month payment.

We couldn't afford the $2,000/blog post high-end content agencies typically charge but didn't want to end up with cheap content either. SaaSpirin seemed too good to be true but we decided to give it a shot. After seeing the quality of our first post, we quickly upgraded our plan to 4 blog posts/month and never looked back. Best decision of 2020.

Ferenc Fekete - VeryCreatives

Frequently asked questions

How many words are your blog posts?

The standard blog posts in our monthly subscription packages are 800 words long. We break big themes into smaller portions during our research and ideation. This length of blog post lets us cover each facet of a topic deeply, which increases each blog post’s usefulness to your readers. 

We’ve found that this length is useful in a hub and spoke or pillar and cluster structure. It’s also a great length for covering topics that will be useful in your sales process. 

We also offer longer content formats in addition to our standard monthly packages, such as longform blog posts and pillar pages. Ask us for pricing.

How many blog posts should we be publishing every month?

It depends. If you’re still figuring out your basic content marketing structure, then 2-4 posts per month will let you sort out your process without overwhelming your team. 

On the other hand, if you have your blog set up and you want to go after results as fast as possible, then you should publish as much as your resources will allow. For some, this means publishing weekly (4 posts/month) and for others, several times a week (8-16 posts/month).

We provide more guidance (with examples) here: How many blog posts should you publish every month?

How long will it take to see results?

From the time you publish a blog post, it can take 3-12 months until you see SEO results. Many of our clients see a dramatic uptick in traffic within 6 months – but there are several factors that influence that timeline.

  • The competitiveness of content in your industry
  • How much content you publish
  • Whether your content is optimized for your goals
  • The existing authority of your blog
  • How you promote your content

Sticking with a solid content strategy over time is crucial—especially in your first year when it’s easy to get discouraged. See a deeper discussion here: How long will it take to see results?

What if I have ideas I want you to write about?

We want to hear them! You’ll have a chance to submit those during onboarding and throughout our time together.

What level of effort do you put into search engine optimization (SEO)?

We approach SEO from a strategic level and also in every piece we write for you. When you first join SaaSpirin, we download the current keyword terms your website ranks for. This lets us see where there may be gaps in your existing content, so we can recommend topics that will help you target terms you're not already ranking for.

Then, we assign a keyword to each piece we write for you. Our editor confirms that the writer has used the term in important spots like the headline, subheadings, and body text. We make sure we link to other related material on your site, and we also link out to authoritative sources on the topic from each piece. While there are many other factors that can contribute to the performance of your website, these activities provide a solid foundation in the content we produce for you.

We also offer more advanced SEO capabilities that help with internal linking structures, description tags, and advanced keyword research and planning. Let us know if you want to hear more about this – our team is really passionate about SEO!

What industries or topics are your writers familiar with?

Our writers come from very diverse backgrounds. We have people with experience writing for finance/fintech, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, software development, digital marketing, sales and prospecting tools, IT/technology solutions, cryptocurrency, product reviews, affiliate marketing, edtech, project management platforms, feedback tools, design tools, HR and employee engagement tech, and many more. If you'd like to know more about our writers' experience in your niche, drop us a line.

How will you submit the content to us?

We’ll set up a Google Drive folder for you and submit each in a Google Doc. We use software tools to manage our team’s production, and you will receive notifications as work progresses.

How many revisions will you provide?

We will revise an article up to two times based on your feedback. This gives you an opportunity to see what might need further adjustment after a first round of revisions.

Do you upload the blog posts to our blog for us?

We certainly can! We have a dedicated staff member who publishes to CMS for those customers who subscribe to this add-on service. Just ask us about pricing.

Is there a contract?

We don’t have a contract requiring you to commit to a specific length of time. Instead, you prepay each month for the work we send you. You will be billed on a monthly basis, like a subscription, and you are free to cancel your service at any time.

To help us work together optimally, we have put together a service level agreement, which we’ll send you when you sign up. This document outlines how we deliver our services so you’ll always know what to expect. And it also lays out what we’ll need from you, too, such as timely review of articles we submit.

Who is my point of contact at SaaSpirin?

A content coordinator will oversee the work we do for you at SaaSpirin. They will notify you when content is ready for review and check in periodically to gather feedback. You will be given their email address during the onboarding process, and you can reach out to them at any time.

Can I have a kickoff call?

We don’t schedule team calls with our clients. We realize that’s not the norm. But we are confident that an async onboarding and communication process can benefit everyone, when done right.
We’ve all worked at agencies that plan a kickoff call and ongoing regular calls. However, there are two reasons that calls are inefficient (ineffective, even) when it comes to producing great content:

  1. You’re still going to need to fill out some kind of questionnaire;
  2. The team still has to do the same amount of research whether you talk or not; and
  3. Information gathered during calls rarely makes its way to a spot where everyone else working on the account can see it.

Our strategists immerse themselves in your industry to propose a roadmap and content topics, and we collect information so all the team can access it. If you wish to provide input, you’ll have a chance at several key stages.
We have found a balance that lets us create impactful content without taking up a lot of your time.

What sort of clients do well with the SaaSpirin model?

Our clients come from a variety of industries within SaaS, but there are a few common traits that we’ve noticed.

  • You’re a small-to-medium-sized company that believes in content marketing but doesn’t have a big budget to spend.
  • You understand that content is an asset that must be cultivated over time, but you don’t want to put the hours into it yourself.
  • You’re comfortable working asynchronously with an external team.

We’ve also noticed that many clients have tried freelancers or low-cost content agencies and been frustrated with their progress. Why not work with us for a month to see if you’re a good fit for SaaSpirin? There’s no commitment, and 97% of new clients decide to continue with us!

SaaS companies often asked my dev agency for help growing their business after we created their product. So I brought together experts in content marketing and created a no-nonsense model to deliver great content. Now SaaS companies can tap into our done-for-you service, and avoid the hassle of freelancers or expense of big agencies

Nicolas Jacobeus - Founder & CEO of SaaSpirin

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Thanks to the talented team at SaaSpirin, we are happy to be able to move forward and project ourselves more easily in the development of our content.

Sonia Ghariani - Skipr