How we do content strategy at SaaSpirin

Success in content marketing requires thoughtful strategies.

A unique process helps our agency strategists find the right approach to your blog before we begin writing for you. We use a proprietary mix of tools and know-how you won’t find anywhere else to distill the most important elements for your content.

Goals and performance

We begin our work together with a look at your goals and performance indicators. Our strategist reviews your onboarding questionnaire, competitors, and existing content to understand the industry’s content landscape and your customers.

We use leading tools to gain a sense of the drivers behind your SEO performance.

The roadmap

Then, we pull together a content roadmap, which outlines the strategic direction we think will serve you best. This takes into account your goals for search performance as well as branding and sales support.

To show you what the strategy looks like in action, we build out topic pitches for several blog posts.

Topic pitches

Our strategists prepare topic pitches for every blog post we propose. These mini outlines give you an idea of what to expect from the finished blog post. They also guide our writers and editors, to keep everyone pulling together in the same direction.

Each pitch defines important directives like topic, scope, and angle of the blog post. We include the content objective, target audience, and keyword data, as well as notes for the writer. Importantly, this format gives the opportunity for input on a granular level by our strategists, which is foundational to our clients’ success.

When you review the topics we pitch, you can add comments or points for the writer to consider, too.

Once we confirm that we’re aligned on content strategy, we continue to propose blog posts at regular intervals to keep your content calendar full of impactful topics.

You can add your own topic ideas to the content calendar, too.

Feedback and evidence

As we continue working together, we look for evidence that our strategy is working and adjust when necessary. Many of our articles capture search traffic and play an important role in the sales process for our customers.

Our whole team welcomes your input and feedback as we work together.

Ready to get started? You can choose a plan and sign up online. Got more questions? Schedule a time to talk things through with us.