Blogging services for SaaS companies

Content marketing success starts with a blog that’s worth reading.

Blogging is the fundamental channel that SaaS companies use to build their reputation and authority. Our blogging services help you create a blog worth reading and grow organic traffic — on autopilot.

Included in our blogging services

Our comprehensive blogging services cover everything from strategy to planning, research, writing, managing writers, and more. We can work seamlessly with your in-house marketing team. All for one monthly fee. See pricing >

Content strategy

We begin our work together with a look at your goals and performance indicators. Then, we pull together a content roadmap, which outlines the strategic direction we think will serve you best. See what content strategy looks like at SaaSpirin >

Topic pitches

Our strategist researches topics and keywords to create detailed pitches for every blog post. See details like scope, audience, objective, sources, and so on, to get a feel for the direction of the finished piece.

Content calendar

We build out a flexible content calendar that lets you see the status and due date for every piece of content we create for you. You can approve or reject pitches right in the calendar, and add your own, too.

Keyword selection

Our strategist researches and assigns a target keyword to every blog post. Our writers then use the keyword as they prepare the content, to support your on-page SEO efforts.

Research and writing

Our writer researches the topic and gets to work producing your blog post. Our standard blog posts are 800 words long and are designed to cover one narrow topic deeply.

Professional editing

Our editor reviews content before it goes out the door, to make sure it hits our high bar of quality and fits your blog seamlessly.

Team coordination

Our coordinator pulls together the entire blogging operation for you, expertly managing writers, assignments, timelines, tasks, and client communications.

Special blogging services (optional)

When you need content that goes a little deeper.

Interview-based blog posts

An interview-based blog post helps you communicate your story. Speak with a writer to get your unique thoughts out of your head and into your blog.

Long-form blog posts

Some topics need deeper coverage than a regular-length blog post. If you’ve got a lot to say on a topic or you want to compete for a difficult keyword, let us know.

Blogging add-ons (optional)

Once you’ve confirmed that a blog post is ready to go, there’s still work to be done.

Description tag + internal links

We’ll write a custom description tag for each blog post, to improve click-thrus from search results and make social shares more attractive. We’ll also recommend links from existing articles for each new blog post to help your internal linking structure.

CMS publishing

Let us handle posting approved blog posts to your content management system for you. We take care of all the details that can make a difference.

Social sharing

We can post your content to your social media channels for you, so you can get visibility without the hassle of posting it yourself.

More content services

We know it doesn’t end with a great blog. So we’ve got you covered with more content services to support your sales funnel, too.

What to do next

See for yourself how we pull all the pieces together — follow an example blog post from roadmap to results.

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